About us

We are Liz&Fred,

Residents of Morin Heights in the laurentian for over 20 years.  We are lucky to have a little hobby farm in the back of our house.  Our laying hens that have their own wing! (the right side) have always been part of the many animals that lived in our barn.

Horses, rabbits, meat chicken, quails, the kittens, our goat Gretel and her mate Eddie, the sheeps and their lambs, and always our layers.

The neighbours stopping by to show their guests, kids, grandkids the animals, have inspired us this rental idea.

The goat was a little too complicated, but layers were more within our reach.

We offer a patch of farm in your backyard.  And they lay eggs!!

No long term landscaping, no winter, no changing chickens.

 (they lay regularly for only a certain time)